Mould Surface Exactly Processing

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Mould surface finishing is mould processing in fail is very good solve one of the problem, it is also the die locksmith labor strength and become one of the causes of the mould processing bottleneck. Special reflected in hardness, big metal die-casting molds for final assembly process. Our country at present still with manual polishing is given priority to, not only quality is not stable, cycle is long, and the workers work environment is poor, restricted the China foundry moulds to a higher level. For mould cavity and some complex curved surface finishing, of the slit the traditional machining methods can not do, must use the other process measures, such as electrochemical or electrochemical mechanical light the whole processing technology. Along with the development of science and technology, various molding the processing technology of the demand is higher and higher. Improve the mould polishing speed and quality of China mold manufacturing process reached the advanced world level, has become the urgent important topic.

In the mold surface finish machining technology, the main can be classified into two most, namely the traditional finish machining technology and non-traditional machining technology. Traditional finish machining technology is mainly by manual polishing mainly developed machinery and now finishing; Non-traditional machining mainly include chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing, electrolytic polishing, and electrochemical machinery processing, ultrasonic light the whole processing, magnetorheological polishing, laser polishing technology and edm polishing. Below mainly processing methods and tools for introduction.

1. Methods and equipment

Manual polishing

The method is the traditional mould finishing the main method, also is our country is still widely used one of the method. This method does not need special equipment, the adaptability is stronger, mainly depends on the skill level of experience operator, but low efficiency (accounting for about one-third of the whole mold cycle, and workers labor strength, quality is not stable, restricted the mould processing in our country to a higher level. But as to the present social economic and technical development condition, temporarily can not completely eliminated the processing method.

Digital mould polishing machine

Recently saw a digital polishing machine reports, this kind of polishing tools using digital control, digital display and control process parameters, equipped with a complete set of grinding head and abrasive, semi-automatic polishing, has small volume, convenient advantages. The process characteristics are mainly with the formation of a function, the formation of the largest corrugated length is 75 mm. And manual polishing, more effective than a times, to enhance the quality of an order of magnitude. Stable quality, good repeatability.


Material: various molding materials, including steel casting, forging steel, aluminum alloy and zinc base alloy.

Mould surface dimension: 100 x 100 to 1500 x 3000 mm.

Ultrasonic mould polishing machine

The polishing tools with high frequency electric spark rapid pulse power and ultrasonic vibration grinding of the principle of polishing. It can complete general polishing tools (electric grinding soft shaft, etc) is difficult to reach into the narrow slot, narrow gap, edge, horn, and other parts of the twists and turns, polishing not collapse after polishing edges and corners, do not affect the accuracy. This tool can solve users in the past for the shape complex difficult to achieve this problem. Polishing requirements And shorten the polishing time raise the working efficiency. In order to improve the roughness of the workpiece is greater than Ra1.6 polishing speed, by ultrasonic and special tools of high frequency narrow pulse peak current pulse power of compound polishing by ultrasonic, the impact of the corrosion of electrical impulses and at the same time in the surface, can quickly reduce its roughness, for various special processing after the thick hard surface is very effective. Using this tool polishing, can rapidly to rough surface polishing, from plastic the shape, materials hardness limits, the original surface roughness no demands, efficacy is quite high.