Mould Maintenance Knowledge

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Injection molding injection products processing as the most important molding equipment, its quality directly related to the products quality. And, because of the injection mould processing enterprise produce capital occupies a larger proportion, its service life directly injection parts around capital. Therefore, injection mould quality, progress and preventive maintenance and good, prolong the service cycle, is injection products processing enterprise financial efficiency important issue.
Injection products processing enterprise for the product variety, mould replacement, are more frequent in complete a produce cycle, mould general storage keep until the next cycle to produce a temporary out again use. But some processing enterprise to mold keep enough to face up to that in the period of retention, mould corrosion recurs, surface finish down etc. Phenomenon, cause the product quality declining, scrap rate high, some even hard to reoccupy, mould should be to invest a lot of money to buy another new mode, caused tremendous stretched out.
Processing enterprise should be in the injection molding machine, the normal operation of mould, all kinds of mold testing function, and will finally molding plastics dimension mete out, through these information can determine the mold cavity, and find out the existing state, cores, cooling system and the parting surface damage, such as in plastic parts according to the information provided, can determine the damage of the mould and maintenance measures state.
Processing enterprises should first vice mould to each equipped with your resume, specific records, statistics card its use, nursing (lubrication, cleaning, rust) and damage situation, can be found on what parts, components has been damaged, wear degree size, to provide find and solve the topic information material, and the mould molding process parameters, the products used material, in order to shorten the trial run, mould progress produce efficiency.
To die a few important parts are key tracking detection: every fruit after the cycle to die on the belt type heater, great type heater, heating probe and thermocouple with ohms table measure such as, if has the damage, must change in time, and with mold compared to resume, so that a timely subject saga found, take responsive measures.
To face up to the surface of the mould maintenance, it directly affect the product's surface quality, the existing a new way to remove residual injection molding, use of dry ice cleaning! No residue, the effect is better, in after the test can really progress through production, the utilization rate of progress die!!!!! Its principle is: dry ice spray dry ice particles in high-pressure air medium speeds for cleaning surface, impact. The dry ice cleaning unique in the dry ice particles in instant impact gasification.
A pair of through good maintenance and maintenance of the mould, can shorten the mold assembly, test drive time, reduce produce fault, that produce smooth operation, and ensure that the product quality, reduce the waste, and reduce the loss of the enterprise capital operation and fixed assets investment, then a produce cycle begins, the enterprise can smooth out output quality qualified products. Therefore, the plastic products processing enterprise that, in the current market competition is intense, maintenance good mold, can help enterprises a helping hand.