Plastic Products Process & Plastic Mould Categories

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According to the different methods of plastic mold forming different, can differentiate to corresponding to different requirement of process of plastic mold type, basically have the injection molding plastic mould, plastic extrusion molding mould, plastic mold compression molding, blow moulding plastic mould, vacuum forming plastic mould, high foaming polystyrene forming plastic mould etc.
Plastic mould is used for molding production of plastic products shape continuous a kind of mold, also called extrusion molding head. Plastic mold and its corresponding production equipment is plastic mould extruder, its principle is solid in heating and plastic extruder screw rotation pressure conditions melting and plasticizing, through the mouth of the specific shape plastic mold and die section and mouth made of the same shape mould for plastic products. The plastic mould manufacturing materials mainly have carbon structural steel, alloy steel, etc.