Mould Manufacture Features

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Mould manufacturing characteristics, nothing more than have the following:

1, contract type:

Such is the most primitive huangyan do die, which some mould factory first received the order, and then to make mould division, let them pay offer is totally responsible for this pay for the manufacture of moulds. From receipt of the order to mould shipment, among manufacturer not participate in mould manufacturing process, unless the customer has to die, change the manufacturer just and maker to negotiate. Manufacturer responsible for die last only product inspection process and die before the shipment of mould inspection.

This kind of mold to the bad: mold processing cycle, the extension of the life of die is reduced, quality, precision can't give the guarantee. But for enterprise to facilitate management.

The main cause of the reason to die in the mold factory get good profit, so the price is too low, the pressure makers and producers in order to get higher profits can only in the mold of the lower cost, reduce cost and the processing time for mould, machining precision and material selection of...... Can't guarantee. This is why the huangyan mould industry cheap mold as the reason.

2, half contract type:

Because some enterprise have not reached a certain scale, receive your order, because after own processing equipment can't provide the mould processing. So the cost of mould manufacturing process or a part is processing by manufacturer first provide, manufacturer will provide the mould structure or 3 D data, and then to offer to do the teacher pay mould. In the manufacturing process of manufacturer also may sometimes to mould processing tracking progress, in the mold try the product inspection and mould of shipment inspection before. This kind of method slightly superior than the one above, but also has its limits. Huangyan do die is currently in such a primarily.

The advantages of this mold to ensure mold processing: progress for the service life of mould, also can reach the demand of the customers. Mainly because doing in the process of mould manufacturing mold person need not worry to save material or processing cost problem as long as considering the mould processing time of adjustment, quality assurance. Plus the supervision of the mould manufacturer......

Faults: precision and quality often can not reach the demand of the customers. Due to the manufacturer fails to provide good equipment, some processing can only in the processing, and outside processing speed, so too for the processing precision and quality for ignoring, behind a mould manufacturing will bring some unnecessary trouble. Such die although enterprise also facilitate management, but the present huangyan no firm management is good, can often time and quality short of asks that is very normal.

3, produced type:

Such is with some of the mould manufacturer for, scale they possess a complete mold manufacturing equipment, can completely production of ability, from the die design to mould manufacturing mold, and complete the issuance within all in factory solve. So no matter from mould manufacturing cycle or the service life of mould, the precision and quality can give the guarantee.

At present the enterprise in huangyan is few, the price of the mould is also very high. So the client is a lead also some large domestic enterprise or foreign well-known enterprise primarily.

4, individual family:

Mould manufacturing types besides above a few outside, in huangyan and another type, they are not after mould manufacturer directly to die but the soho, this type has one advantage is the mould price is cheaper, time can ensure the quality, with half a contract type is the same. But such as for clients without certain security. General is also of acquaintances.

For the above several types according to their clients should die, life cycle cost, quality, and should choose different different manufacturers. So as to reduce the cost, improve the quality of the die mould, shorten toolings cycle.