Plastic Mould Manufacture Standardization Requirement

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In order to improve the mould quality grades, and minimize mould quality problem, to complain of customers' satisfaction to mould, mould manufacturing common problems, summary and a standard, perform according to the requirement.

1. Less than 2020 mold, a, b board between open mode to do pit; More than 2020 of the mold all template including thimble board to pry mode between do pit.

2. Mold guide pin guide set to air exhaust slot processing, in case the guide pin guide set of injury.

3. Mold may not have sharp edges, need to corner processing. Specified place except.

4. Internal model and mould parts without the consent of a welding.

5. The periphery of the die product must be in proper position open air exhaust slot, exhaust slot specifications please reference mold design manual.

6. As far as possible to avoid the use of grinding machine in the mold burnish on, if don't want with grinding machining, must use YouShi province light (especially the parting surface)

7. Internal model glue planes surface treatment must, in accordance with the bom list, or other formal notice the technical requirements of the execution. The glue a surface processing lines (thread cutting, milling machines, CNC gongs bed, spark machine) also want to use YouShi province bright.

8. In all the materials, mold level required must be based on order, or design review process officially confirmed the technical requirements for purchase. Must provide proof of material, if is hard to die, must provide heat treatment report. All relevant proof.

9. All the mold before and after the internal model, set piece, do a inclined top, top, and push the piece), the shovel (chicken in the underside or side to processing a waist round pit, the material of a carved and hardness.

10. Line, pushing a shovel, chicken piece, piping mouth important wears parts must be nitriding hardened processing.

11. Do a must have positioning. Localization way have slingshot, a bead, hasco (dme) are considered standard line a clip, etc., the specific needs, according to the requirements of each project. Line a need to have layering, wear-resistant plate. Layering, wear-resistant plate must use wear-resisting hard material, need to add the oil.

12. Do a column oblique guide must be tightly, cannot turn and loose. The column oblique guide must be processed into half a spherical or cone shape machine, to ensure the normal movement. A line With a line on a two or more than two oblique guide column oblique guide, the length of the column, must be the same size and slope.

13. Inclined top seat must use wear-resisting hard material. Inclined top must processing, oil inclined top a generally with the 2510 or cr12 hardened to hrc40-45 degrees of inclined top seat, because by the impact load is, so you can't be too hard or you will break, and in all the right Angle position corner c Angle. Need to have inclined top guide plate (bronze). Not welding.

14. The port HeJinJiao a need to save the light # 400-600.

15. Thimble, company tube, Jiong thimble, inclined top and thimbles board to photograph the corresponding identification number, time for easy installation. If the products, thimble place is not to need to be a horizontal plane, thimble made "d" type or the presenting the key position.

16. The hasco or dme thimble standard, choice of decision table or other formal in bom inform mold technology requirements.

17. Processing to carry water aprons (" o "ring groove shape, need to unilateral reserve) 0.25 mm clearance, general aprons to preloading 0.5 ~ 0.8 mm. If not to pay attention to this point, rove is easy to pressure drop, the damage caused by leakage.

18. The clamorous mouth should nitriding, need to do check written off. Piping must comply with the requirements drawing mouth radius. Piping mouth nitride, go not die may have been hurt before.

19. The conventional structure mold must decorate hold head, two end need to wear away, small mould preloading 0.1 mm, big mold preloading 0.1 mm to 0.15 mm.

20. Positioning circle diameter must meet the drawings, top stick joint form and position must meet the drawings.

21. According to the specifications of the water mouth please confirm the mode of the table or bom figure, water mouth countersunk head hole must, in accordance with the processing and installation mode figure. Drilling can not drill slant, acute Angle to corner.

22. The water must be playing ini, outi, in2, out2......... ...

23. All play in the mold the words must be neat to label, regular, can not crooked.

24. Mold needs to install the unknown side lock (straight body lock). If not be installed side lock, need to install the taper lock, or taper lock. Taper lock to across the installation.

25. All the screws and mould parts must be first selection standard parts, screw head can't completely cut off. Screw the effective length must be sufficient, lock normal is 1.5 or 2.

26. Hot mouth trough must fall round horn, so as not to scrape the electric wire.

27. The hot mouth id card into mold side panel.

28. Die hand over needs to work with the die engineer acceptance: according to "mould inspection table" acceptance to hit the packing go through model.

29. Move mould need before carry water to test the water pressure (100 pa above) to carry water, need acceptance after FengQiang blow the water clean.

30. Mold surface in the manufacturing process, need to pay attention to maintain, prevent rust, scrape. Go die before packing, internal model need to spray on white/or colorless anti-rust agent, all the mold surface must be clean, and then play the butter.