China auto Mould Field of Status& Future Tend

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According to statistics, at present, our country has the size of the factory car a little (the company) about more than 30, the number of 7000 DuoRen, including design, manufacturing and management personnel of about 1000 people, accounting for 14% of the total number of workers. The industry the original value of fixed assets of about 900 million yuan, net worth about 700 million yuan, the year sales income of about 4.4 billion yuan, the overall Labour productivity of about RMB 450000 / person, years manufacturing capacity of about 12 million hours, in big, medium-sized mould manufacturing capacity of about 5 million hours per year. In particular, after "the technological transformation of the ninth five-year plan, auto mould industry is not only the production capacity and production to improve the level and product quality is improved. For example, the car body mold casting technology and new type of air cooling the popularization and application of the steel, to improve the quality of automobile covering a mold machining and reduce the workload which has played a positive role.
At present, our country in the truck, small, miniature the van, etc can be basically mold, and can produce self-sufficiency of panel die cars. But most of the mould, the car still need to import, main body is panel die and mould, interior imported in amount more than $100 million.
China auto mould industry recently developed rapidly, progress is very big also, but compared with the international advanced level, still difference was significant. Mainly in the following:
One is the manufacturing precision of the poor. To seal, for example, many people are reflected, sealing performance cars made in China is not good. In fact, this not only and sealing materials and seals, and manufacture level of the relevant die level has the direct relation. At present, the foreign car companies are in the implementation of the "2 mm" project, but in our country, a single component also can do, hundreds of parts assembly together the there is no guarantee that the, the key point is to die.
Two is to die life is short. With only aluminum die-casting die, for example, foreign advanced level has reached more than 1 million times, and our country is only 200000 times, only 1/5 of the level for abroad.
Three is mould development cycle is long. Previously, China's automobile models decades unchanged, auto mould development or slow. With the fierce competition, automobile products renewal speed, the correspondingly requirements mold industry shorten toolings development cycle. At present, the development of medium-sized foreign to the typical cycle is only for 1 to 2 months, car covers a mould development cycle for six to seven months, and our country is the level of foreign two to three times. Therefore, the domestic some more power factory car though development new mould strength, but often for couldn't keep up with the pace of automobile products renewal and lose market competitiveness.
Cause the problems mentioned above are the main reasons why China auto mould industry enterprise unreasonable structure, software development, management and personnel quality and advanced level difference is bigger than.
First is the low degree of specialization and standardization. International, auto mould has entered the stage of specialization and standardization. Foreign auto mould basic is by professional mould manufacturer, mould commercialization was above 70%, there are many specialized in the production of standard mould enterprise, the car up to several hundred types of standard mould. And our country main mold production capacity in the concentration of main mould factory or the workshop, the mould commercialization rate low. The ninth five-year plan even though the enterprise structure adjustment, mould produced from as high as 70% with proportion still. In car standard mould, Chinese and only two have certain batch enterprise.
Next is the design and manufacturing process backward in technology. The most prominent expression is the second development of software ability is poor. In recent years, our country introducing many foreign advanced mold design software. But China's automobile products all aspects of the data and material are different, such as with foreign in the introduction of software must be on the basis of China's national conditions, combining software second development, to design, manufacture that meets the requirements of the market mould. Our country mould software second development ability weak are the main reasons why the lack of development experience and technical force is weak.
Third, the management level and personnel quality is low. In recent years, some Chinese major automobile enterprise successively introduced the advanced mold processing equipment, including a faw, dongfeng, TianQi, such as chengdu four the fixed assets of the enterprise has amounted to 200 million yuan, but the product performance and technology to advanced level there are still significant difference between compared, the main reason is the management level and personnel quality is low, the equipment utilization rate is low, performance can't get full play.
Auto mould market is very great, in developed countries can be occupied the whole mold about half the market. It is estimated that by 2005, China's automobile basic models will reach to 170 kinds of models and modification, updated models can reach 430 kinds of auto mould there is also great demand. In the next few years, auto mould industry should focus on the development of the following a few products:
Big, medium-sized automobile cover a mold. As to the high speed, comfortable, car body structure, stylized development will become more and more complex, the requirement to the large-scale and complication, mould development direction of high precision. Expected that during 2000 2005, China's automobile body die each year on average about 15 million hours, demand for which, large and medium-sized die every year demand for 9.36 million hours. But at present, China's big, medium-sized auto mould production capacity of only 5.2 million hours per year, and is still short of 4.36 million hours per year, and meet the rate of only 53.4%.
Plastic die. In the body of the lightweight trend leads, the plastic in the automotive applications increased significantly, each car number and total weight of plastic is on the rise. In 2005 an annual capacity of 3 million cars in China, were calculated to all kinds of auto accessories 300000 tons of plastic parts, and the production capacity of 200000 tons, only a ChanXu contradiction. Especially the manufacturing bumper, instrument panel, steering wheel to fuel tanks, such as big, medium-sized plastic mold, in 2005 is expected to meet the demand for planning only about 50%.
Motorcycle moulds. A type of motorcycle to nearly 1000 sets of mould, value more than 1000 yuan. China has the world's largest producer of motorcycle is, annual output of more than 10 million vehicles. Motorcycle Although most of the motorcycle moulds can produce, but in the domestic casting localization efforts still need to be on. Agricultural vehicles mold. Previously, mould industry do not pay enough attention to agricultural vehicles mould. In recent years, China's agricultural vehicles, and the annual output the rapid development of the market has reached more than 200 cars, the demand growth for die soon. At the same time, along with the comfortable change direction development agricultural vehicles, but also to die put forward higher request. During 15 "of", auto mould industry for the market to cause enough attention.
In general, the Chinese technology of low content mould has glut the market profit space narrow; And high technology content of medium and top grade mold has far can not adapt to the need of economic development, precision, complex dies, car covers a mode of high-grade mould still has a great development space. China's auto mould industry the development direction in the future should pay attention to the adjustment of product mix and positioning. To further improve the mould manufacturing technology level, seizes the complicated structure, and high precision, high technical content of high-grade die market.