The year of 2018 China shall be one of the biggest mould manufacture industry base in the world

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"At present, Europe has more and more challenges from mold Chinese counterparts and the effects of stress, it is estimated that by 2018, China will had become the world's largest mould manufacturing bases." German industrial university in aachen Alexander the professor in the investigation by the mould manufacturing base of such a sigh.
Alexander said, according to relevant research department investigation that European mould design and production time want to be 44% faster than China respectively and around 61%, but China mold and die design and production cost is only 91% of European counterparts, because the Chinese labor cost is low, on the part of foreign customers have a strong attraction. At the same time, Europe and the world of competition between mold also increased, nearly two years as Germany corresponding half the price in the whole die down about 25%. According to statistics, before some year 58% of the world's mold is by Germany western European countries, such as China's production the proportion of Asian countries accounted for only 1% of the eastern European countries, but in the future there will be a big mould growth, and Asian countries to increase the proportion of production will be about 22%. The professor said happily, in view of China's cheap labor cost advantage and overall the sustained and rapid development of economy, the good tendency of China mold and die by the prospect of development is very promising.
"But this does not mean that the development of China was all so ideal and perfect." Alexander thinks, because the market of China into a price war prematurely, also the mistakes of the lack of independent innovation ability, not establish honesty of accordingly market system, especially with 65% of European customers think China mold and die price is low but quality is bad. An ideal solution is to strengthen the central cooperation, by the European countries out of order and drawings, China mould enterprise specific responsible for design and manufacture and, in the process, learning the advanced technology and management concept, to speed up the industrialization of the transformation, and strive to improve its own core advantages and competitiveness. As in improving customer satisfaction, enterprise except in cheap fuss outside, the more important is the demand short delivery time, good quality, high credit standing, as far as possible let them know of product development, design and manufacture of the entire process enterprise are aware of the main attack direction, strengthen the cooperation between each other, timely and effectively to the needs of the customers to make the response.