Simply talk about mould management

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A, mould manufacturing management in the process of problem
As is known to all: in a factory, workers in the mould department is a more difficult to management department, the workers belong to a master mode is the "character" of technical talented person, the work of the mould department management personnel (manager or supervisor), not only do technical guidance, and also to deal with heavy personnel management and working arrangements. So, most of the work that we see the mould department manager or supervisor is very "busy". Why are they so "busy"? That's because every day they are kept cope with the boss, the business department and customer pressed mould progress, must spend every day more than half of the time to monitoring mould manufacturing progress.
We might as well a comprehensive, boss, sales department, customers often asked question what? In fact, we found nothing more than the following:
A. mould has completed more than how much?
B. mould can be done on time and delivery?
C. manufacturing process of ever problems?
D. the problem of how to solve when?
So, the work of the mould department managers in order to deal with the problem, he had to spend a lot of time every day to ask the teacher, to subordinate through they understand the production status of the mould, suppose that a work is 50 sets of die mould department in manufacturing, and each mold dozens, or even more than one hundred parts, each workpiece and 3-7 process (such as design, CNC, heat treatment, the line shears, sparks, grinding, inserting mode and trying to die), each teacher hand there were twenty or thirty by managers arrange successively in the processing, the management personnel must at the same time understanding this more than 1000 workpiece and the production process, have the management experience will be the digital make nerve of high tension!!!!!
Second, change management thoughts, solve problem. Management
What good can solve the mould department management personnel work problems? According to our experience, management personnel just change management thought, can "turn a decayed for magical", a little bit more simple speaking, is by management personnel before will ask the work mode of master subordinate way is: the work of master mode by subordinate to those who report to actively management management want to know things.
As a result, many clever managers will design the some the daily production reports "to manage the work of their respective departments, but usually because the form to design not reasonable and is not comprehensive, makes the" character "of the work master mode that increased his work burden, it is easy to produce feelings; And the data collection, and often come up just kick the mode of master processing working hours for a simple statistics, not in time to understand to mould manufacturing process of the actual situation, and time-consuming manual analysis, analysis of the degree level was also limited, so more just realize data file, and to managers and very concerned about the progress of the analysis, workload analysis, abnormal analysis is only can provide very limited help to these statements, it managers will become a mere formality, but didn't really use function, is still go back to the original 【 experience type 】 management way.
On the basis of the situation, we chat to carry a set of effective solution, in design the daily production reports ", the first to consider both can solve the key management personnel concerned about, and data acquisition simple.
Management personnel concerned key:
1. On that day how many mould processing or workpiece;
2. Processing technology and complete on the scale;
3. The time spent on that day;
4. That day in the processes of production status: well/attention/danger/pause;
5. That day in processing problems appeared in the course of the causes and solutions.
Mould management work is extremely complicated and complex, if to do fine to every minute accountable, we think a pyrrhic victory a luxury; We think in view of the actual situation of mould management, we recommend from the "people-oriented" concept, with "simple and practical" principle, don't let work mode of psychology, master appear rebellious attitude can design a very simple and easy to fill out the forms, we think that every available master 10%, 20%, 30% and,... Other ways to fill in progress 100%, and according to the idea of "people oriented", by contrast, work plan to master grade 4 schedule control measures, such as "1, 2, 3, 4" respectively represent "smooth/attention/danger/pause" to simple and clear report on its work, this way, the master schedule can not need every day more than five minutes of time to fill in the "daily production reports", production, and faithfully reaction managers can quickly find abnormal production, and know when to assist or return the boss and customer questions.
Master the key work mode care
A. will every thing will be their entry computer;
B. whether to fill in a lot of work statement;
C. to report whether can let managers see.
Through this 【 self-reported type 】 method of collection after the original data, if only as before doing a little simple man-hour statistical work, that will make this method and become a mere formality, leading to failure, therefore, must take advantage of these reports of data within the accurate, analysis, to the manager's decision to provide the most exact basis.
Three, use the computer system, improve the level of management
Through the method of 【 self-reported type 】 the good teacher the work of collecting data, if the hand to statistical analysis material, not only need statisticians have a strong sense of responsibility, but also need to have much working experience, and is often spend a lot of time in the analysis of the data, also will often appear many mistakes, for managers, the less than any help, that will make this method and become a mere formality, leading to failure, therefore, must take advantage of these reports come up of data, conduct accurate analysis, to the manager's decision to provide the most exact basis, as we all know, the computer plays an extremely powerful material analysis with processing power, if with advanced computer technology to cooperate, analysis, for managers to bring twice the result with half the effort.
As early as in 2005, the Hong Kong productivity council (HKPC) will have a plan: "use computer information improve enterprise management level of the mould", and Daniel with DuoNian to crown technology in mould industry management experience, and become the special purpose partners, offered a set of mould industry in the assistance management system, using a computer system auxiliary managers promote the management levels; Operation process is as long as the work every morning to collect the master when the completed daily report, agent in one hour to complete the data input computer system, all care about the progress of the people can die in network to access the latest status within.
Four, the future management of the new trend
Many enterprises in the use of computerized management after, managers can never leave home to also can know work mode of mould manufacturing progress each division, need not as before himself ran to the workshop cross-examine each teacher, can easily as per the mould production for the progress, can easily many!
Accurate to each procedure, each workpiece production schedule information through the network, system, real-time feedback to each department all levels of management, greatly reduce the questions to management.
Managers can through the system quickly know and what is expected to mould can finish the task in time, which can adjust the work plan, arrangement of countermeasures, fight for timely completion of the production tasks.