Chinese mould future development ten-key-point tends

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Mould, is the foundation of industrial production technology and equipment, in electronic, automobile, motor, electrical, instrumentation, home appliance and communication products, 60% ~ 80% of parts depends on the quality of the die, die forming height decide the product quality of high and low, therefore, mold is known as the "mother of the activities". Mold is "benefit amplifier", in the mold production of the final product value, is often die own value on a few times, one hundred times.
Mold production craft level and the discretion of the content of science and technology, has become the measure of a national science and technology and product manufacturing level of important symbol, it to a large extent, on the quality of products and the benefit, new product development ability, decided the country the international competitiveness of manufacturing industry.
Mould industry in our country the technology level of recent years have made progress. Large, precision, complex, high efficiency and long life die on a new level. Large complex dies in car panel die for represent, already can produce part of new car covering parts of mold. Reflect a high level of manufacturing technology multi-position into the coverage of the mould, already from motors, electrical appliances, expanded to iron chip die connectors, electron gun parts, air conditioner heat sink the home appliance such as mould parts. In large plastic mold, already can produce 48 inches of shell mould, plastic television 6.5 kg big capacity washing machine full set of plastic mold, and the car bumper, whole mold and dash. In precision plastic mould, already can produce plastic mold cavity, camera small module gear mould and encapsulation molds etc. In large complex precision die-casting die, domestic already can produce escalator overall pedal pressure molding and car driving axle gear box die-casting die. Other types of mould, such as radial tire loose mould, aluminium alloy and plastic doors and Windows extrusion die to wait, also had reached higher level, and can replace the imported mold.
According to the domestic and international market, the development situation of mould, experts predict the future in China mold after industry structure adjustment, will present after ten development trend: one is the mold growing large; 2 it is the accuracy will more and more high; Three is muti_function composite mold will further development; 4 it is hot runner in the proportion of the mould plastic mold will gradually improve; Five is mould and adapt to gas assist high pressure injection molding process mold will have larger development; Six is mold standardization and the application of the standard mould will increasingly widely; Seven is rapid economic mould prospects; Eight is the proportion of the die casting dies will constantly improve, at the same time for the life of the die casting dies and the complex degree will suggest more and more high requirements; Nine is the proportion of plastic mold will continue to increase, Ten is mold technology content will continue to improve, the middle-grade mould proportion will continue to increase, this also is the product structure adjustment in the mold of the tendency of the market changes.