Punch mould field in spirit development tend

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Along with China's foreign investment layout and stamping mould industry structure adjustment, speed up domestic ZhongDiDuan mould enterprise brand operation and sustainable development, in 2009 China mold and die industry will still sunny.
Small and medium-sized mould enterprise: to accelerate the development of high-grade mold
As the auto industry in recent years, with more than 20% of the increase in automobile industry development, into the mold enterprise and mould products have increased significantly more than the previous year. Auto enterprise also to mold the quality of the products put forward higher request, make mould enterprise to improve, improve the level. At the same time, because of export growth, and mold a largely drive the mould level of ascension. In 2008, the main performance of the mould level is: large length of progressive die has more than 3 m, precision progressive die can be and has 2000 times/high speed punch match points; Hot runner die and mold some auxiliary has reached the international level; In cad/CAM technology gained popularity at the same time, cae technology used more and more widely, cad/cae/CAM integration technology is developing, and obtain good results; Mould new structure, new varieties, new technology, new material of creative work constantly emerging, patent number increased.
A mold industry e-commerce boom
Information especially information management, not only has been many mould enterprise mentioned agenda, and get out. In the process of implementing, competing against a relevant software at home and abroad, the second development productive, database are increasing. Through the information management and mold production cycle is much shorter, the production efficiency, and increase enterprise benefit.
China mould enterprise go joint development way
ChanXu two popular market environment and good development prospect, making many entrepreneurs and investors eager investment in our mould industry, of foreign and private capital is still the mainstream, investment upsurge, greater enthusiasm common technical improvement project of the new project and in 2006 emerge. Because the production with convenient cluster cooperation, reduce cost, expand the market, cross-cultural and can enjoy more favorable policy characteristics, so 2008 that production way to get further development. Now the whole country for ten to a significant scale mold city, mould park, accumulation, such as production base is under construction, preparation or planning and ten DuoGe. In addition to cluster, outside of production in some places have mould association and the development virtual manufacturing.
Mould enterprise brand operation and sustainable development
Because of the mould and finished to a particular user, the dependence of the brand in the mold industry long-term be not taken seriously. But with the development of market economy, the brand effect already more and more important, "brand" has become mould enterprise a very important work. According to information, the country had been about 10 of the province, the city famous (a) mold the logo and brand, the individual enterprise has set up a file in the national famous trademark declare. With the deepening of the quality of work and the environmental value in 2008, and has a large number of mould enterprise passed iso9000 international quality system authentication and iso14000 environmental management certification. At the same time, 2008 years in the industry and add a large number of new and high technology enterprise, including the national and the provincial and municipal level, and many enterprises in 2008 established the mould technology center or research and development center.
Mould industry development of talent competition advantage
Considering the talents of senior personnel, especially severe shortages in recent years running around and training work to attention. Schools, PeiXunDian, enterprise all three parts in 2008 increased the work dynamics and the had good effect, the Chinese model PeiXunDian around in asean is on the increase. In order to further improve training quality, Chinese and foreign exchange and cooperation, for example: the strengthened suzhou die association and Singapore education training on cooperation has substantial results, and China mould association also and Portugal and Germany as foreign mould association discussed cooperation training programs. The relevant departments of the state is in urgent need for the present situation of the mould talents, to carry out research mould talents training programs, remote mold designers also become by the state a new post.