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Mould pressing process what are the main influence factors?

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(1) the effect of powder performance
Hardness, plastic small, big foiiows powder suppresses performance is poor, by adding a lubricant or molding agent can appropriate improvement; Powder lower purity, oxygen levels high, suppression performance is poor, to the materials powder on the reduction treatment can overcome; A single fine solids or coarse particle powder, and shape neat powder suppresses function are not ideal, the hybrid particle size powder and granule shape complex powder can improve suppression performance.
(2) the influence of the pressing process
Forming die surface is bright and clean, the higher the hardness, the greater the rigid, the more beneficial to the improvement of bad body density and uniform; By using the two-way suppress the porcelain body density than one-way suppress the higher, and the more even, The speed of low pressure, the pressure, and to improve the more time the porcelain body density, for big specifications or complex shape of abrasive particularly important.