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About stamping mold structure to the influence of safety

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Stamping die is the main technological equipment stamping processing, stamping parts, under which is on the relative motion of the mold to finish. Because, under the processing mould constantly points between close, if the operator fingers are coming in the mold or stay closed area, will be to their personal safety brought serious threats.
(a) the main parts, mould role and safety requirements

1. Work parts die and punch is directly to the work of blank forming parts, therefore, it is the key parts of the mold. Die and punch precision and complex, it not only should meet the following requirements: (1) should have enough strength in stamping process, can't break or destroyed. (2) the proper material and heat treatment requirements, prevent hardness is too high and crisp crack.

2. Positioning parts is to determine the ware positioning parts installation position parts, have positioning pin (board), to block material pin (board), collaborations pin, guide material board, spacer side knife, side pressure gauges, etc. Design positioning parts should be considered when convenient operation, there should be a location, location to for observation, had better use the presumption, and a former profile positioning and guide is positioning pin.

3. Pressure material, unloading the material and parts pressure parts material blank-holder, pressure plate, etc. Material

Blank holders can pull out of the blank holder force pressure, so as to prevent the blank tangential pressure under the function of arches and the formation of a ruffle. The role of the disc pressure is to prevent blank mobile and bounce. The top out, unloaded board's role is to facilitate a and clean up waste. By the spring, they rubber and equipments of the push rod, air cushion support movement up and down, top, a design should have enough top sports will have a limited, the output. Unloading board should be closed area or narrow as far as possible in operating location mill out an empty tank. Exposed unloading around the board should have protection board, prevent a finger into the or foreign body in surface, exposed edges should fall blunt.
4. Orientation guide post and guide set parts is one of the most widely applied a guide parts. Its role is to guarantee the stamping die and punch in the job, with accurate fitting clearance. Therefore, guide pin, guide of clearance should be focusing cutting clearance small. Guide pin in the mold base, to ensure that the dead spots in stroke, guide pin on in the face of the top surface above template minimum of 5 to 10 mm. The column should be arranged in a far away from the module and pressure plate material, the position of the arm not make handlers over guide pin to take material.

5. Supporting and clamping parts including template, die and it handles, die and punch fixed plate, plate, limit machine etc. Up and down is the foundation of the template stamping parts, and various other components installed fixed on it. Respectively Template of the plane, especially the size and direction should adapt to parts, too large and too small or were detrimental to the operation.
Some die (blanking, of punching die) to a convenient, must in the mold frame under the pad. Then pad with best template with bolt connection between together, and two pad should be equal to the thickness of the absolute. Pad spacing can prevail in a not too big, lest the template fracture.