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Business scope: Mould of Handle of auto door, auto plastic mould, mould of auto door with handle, plastic mould

Mould project: Approval drawings---material prepare---mould process---mould frame processing---core of mould for processing---electrode processing---mould part processing---feeding mould---testing---assemble

Equipment: Two sets of digital/CNC milling lathes, six sets of CNC engraving machines, six sets of CNC electrical discharge machining, three sets of CNC wire-cutting machines, two sets of drill press, two sets of grinding machines, one set of milling machines, two sets of CNC processing center

Process capacity: Mould design/manufacture/molding by injection processing.

Mould materials: For your options :P20,718,718H,2738,2316,S136. mould racks/frames,
45# beforehand hardness >30hrc

Cooling system: Optimization design for circle flow water, raise production efficiency, to decrease your costs.

Middle-period treatment: Control quality details, to increase hardness.

Late-period: Nitrogen treatment, low-temperature, little bit distortion, no long need the quenching but having very high surface hardness (over HV850) & wear properties)

Assistant with air or gas for injection, save the plastic materials, the molding circle is short, good quality, smallness shooting pressure, smallness force of locking mould, smaller injection can be molded. Without rough edge, very small of runner materials, longer mould life span, low-steel mould materials, easily for processing and for discharging process, lesser mould pieces-slide, no hollow & distortion & warp, no welting lines no fusion lines.

Mould life span: P20 normally use not lesser than 300,000 times.